Wondering what to do in San Quintin? Here are 10 things you can do during your stay:

#1 San Quintin Botanical Garden

Expect to be greeted by an ample collection of plant life that embodies the flora of the state. The San Quintin Botanical gardens offers a variety of paths to see a wide range of safely guarded vegetation as well as a food court, which creates the perfect habitat for you to get in touch with nature.

#2 San Quintin Beaches

Recognized as one of the finest coastal towns in Baja California, San Quintin offer crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches and an abundance of water sports and activities to try. In addition, swimming along the 10-mile coastline, you can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, and recreational fishing.

#3 Birdwatching

When the time comes to draft your itineraries for San Quintin, bird watching is a must. The abundance of avian wildlife is one of the key factors that bring this city to life and sightings of millions of migrating shorebirds are common encounters that you can expect throughout your stay. The city also is home to a bayside sanctuary for its native species.

You can also count on diverse bird sightings on a casual walk along the marina.

#4 Aquatic Activities

San Quintin’s coastline boasts the finest waters in Baja California, making it an ideal setting for docking on the marina and spending a night on the sea. Hundreds of ships anchor on its shores on a yearly basis, and you can easily explore the city from that point.

#5 Giant Clams Sightings

The fertile volcanic soil of the coast and the minerals brought to the bay by the current breeds the perfect saltwater habitat for marine life to thrive and coexist with a large population of Pismo clams, one of the largest types of clams found along the coast, measuring up to six inches in length.

In fact, the abundance of these and other oysters is such that you can find them along the coastline, especially in Santa Maria Beach.

#6 Surfing

When considering what to do in San Quintin, one of the most popular picks is surfing.

Some of the best surfing destinations in this Baja Californian beach town are Punta San Jacinto and Devil’s Peak (Picacho del Diablo). Visitors enjoy great surfing experiences thanks to big waves and rip currents

To get here, it’s advised that you do so with a four-wheel drive vehicle at your disposal in order to reach the best points of the coast.

#7 Tomato and Wine Festival

Celebrated each year in August, the festival was created to promote San Quintin’s tomato culture, a popular fruit grown in town and a key export to the rest of Mexico.

Some of the activities you can enjoy are tastings of tomato-based dishes paired with regional wines from the best harvests in the San Quintin valley. Additionally, the Tomato and Wine festival has live music by local bands and fun contests to entertain the whole family.

#8 Camping Adventure

Among the activities featured in San Quintin is roaming throughout the magnificent topography of the city, where you can see miles and miles of unbounded areas for private camping or as part of an RV Park or Community Campgrounds that also offer tour packages.

IYou can also rent a mobile home or recreational vehicle while traveling the main road, that way you can get to know the city more comfortably.

#9 Visit the San Quintin Museum

Even though is not the most luxurious museum, it has small exhibitions of the history of San Quintin, which parallels the journey of the rudimentary and fishing life to the current urban life.

The establishment was originally an English settlement. Visitors today can see a display of the production of wheat mill and a salt works through mining, which was the old commerce in the area.

#10 Snorkeling and Diving

We have already told you about the beaches of San Quintin which are decorated by the variety of marine species that bring them to life, are highlighted by the volcanic formations between Cabo San Quintin and Punta Arrecife, and have rich colors that amaze visitors.

In addition, these beaches have excellent visibility for photographing the underwater flora and fauna, where rock formations and beds of algae form to feed and shelter millions of colorful fish.

If you swim a little bit further, in the waters that bathe Ben’s Rock (Roca Ben) you will find greater depth, which is the perfect place to dive. Come and enjoy the hydrocoral and hopefully find some lobsters or scallops through supervised fishing.